Jack's Cabernet Sauvignon

2005  $38.50/bottle  $416/cs

Medium ruby color. Medium body with fruit of cherry and black berry in the taste. Soft subtle tannins on a medium long finish

Simba's Sinful Zinfandel

2005 $35.00/b $378.00/cs

Dark Ruby color. Plum, cherry and spice on the nose with vanilla and chocolate in the full bodied mouth feel. Smooth long finish



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Cabernet Sauvignon

Pointer Run Vineyards

1996 $93/b $1005.00/cs

Dark Ruby color. Mature aromas of herbs, coffee and old leather on the nose. Complex and well balanced on the palette. A long finish with firms tannins.


1997  $98.00/b $ 1059.00/cs

Dark ruby color. Forest floor, mushrooms, dried savory herbs, coffee and old leather on the nose the palette delivers the complexity of finely balanced, refined yet still rich Cabernet Sauvignon with black olives, cedar and firm tannins on the finish.


















Cabernet Sauvignon Estate

2002  $ 87.50/b $945.00/cs

Dark dense raspberry color. Green olive, blackberries and a hint of leather on the nose. Taste of bright cherry-berry fruits, rich round delicious, nicely balanced with a long finish


2003 $85.00/b $ 918.00/cs

Dark Ruby color Big Bold with ample fruit on the nose and mouth. A creamy quality in the mouth feel balances out the soft hillside tannins. a faint vanilla with dusty black berries and cherries in the aroma. A long smooth finish.


2004 $ 80.00/b $ 864.00/cs

Violet raspberry color. Pineapple cherry tang, perfume to the nose. Rich, round, luscious, very nice bright fruit, soft seductive, pleasant long finish with just enough soft tannins.





Cabernet Franc Estate

2005 $78.00/b $842.00/cs


Medium ruby color. Spicy quality with black berries, cherries and pleasing notes of vanilla great intensity with a slight raspberry in the aroma. The strong yet soft tannins promise that this wine will provide pleasure for many years to come.


Coeur de Leon Estate
A classic Bordeaux Style Blend

2006 $80.00/b $864/cs


This wonderful wine has a lot going on!  Black cherry, plum, oak and dark spice on the nose with cherry, chocolate, and nuttiness in the mouth. A smooth long finish with ample tannins.




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